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    Benefit from our Teeth Whitening Promotion

    Reveal your brightest smile with our ($700) $549 teeth whitening combo at La Tour Vertu Clinique! Don’t miss out, book now and shine on!

    Get ready to flash your brightest smile with our special teeth whitening offer at La Tour Vertu Clinique! 😁✨ Our combo deal includes chairside whitening with Zoom light and a touch-up kit for home use. Now available at an exclusive price of $549, down from $700!

    Don’t miss this chance to sparkle! Book your appointment today. 🦷✨

    Our team of Doctors

    Dr. Samer Georges | Dr. Mazen Chammas | Dr. Fahd Hamamji | Dr. Raphael Chalich


    Say hello to a brighter and whiter smile! 😁✨ With our teeth whitening treatment, you can improve the colour of your teeth by two to three shades. Results may vary depending on the patient, but for long-lasting results, the treatment can be repeated every two years.

    This patient came to us with fractured front teeth due to an accident that happened a long time ago. We restored these teeth using composite material, and the patient is thrilled with the result. With our expertise in cosmetic dentistry and attention to detail, we were able to give this patient back their confident and radiant smile.

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