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Clinique Dentaire La Tour Vertu is focused on the health and satisfaction of their clients and community in the Montreal area. Our vision is defined by emphasizing the importance of your oral health and how it affects your overall health.

Meet our expert dental team

Dr. Samer holds a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Montréal.  He graduated in 2008 and founded Clinique Dentaire La Tour Vertu in Montreal in 2013.

General Dentist at Clinique Dentaire la Tour Vertu

Dr.Hamamji completed his Doctor degree in dentistry in 1989, and his degree of speciality in orthodontie from France ,(universiité Pierre et Marie Curie , Paris VI) IN 1994.

He’s a member of Ordre des Dentistes de Quebec (ODQ), AND THE « Association des chururgiens dentistes du Quebec (ACDQ) .

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am someone with a deep sense of organization, and I follow through with my thoughts and actions.

Staying calm as well as making my patients feel comfortable and welcome are my strong qualities. I am professional and care about providing the best oral hygiene.

Every work position has its multiple, yet important, competencies. I am an organized secretary with a deep sense of responsibility. I am known to be dynamic, sociable, and punctual. I love working in teams and truly believe in the importance of confidentiality around the clinic.  

Throughout my life, I have learned to successfully adapt to new and diverse situations. I am a team-spirited person, vigorous and methodic. As a secretary, I am equipped with great communication skills that can help deliver exceptional customer service. 

Ready to accompany you with a smile and great professionalism, I will gladly respond to all your questions and concerns.

In addition to my academic background as a Dental Technician, I have a long experience in handling customer service, as a result of years of training & professional practice.

I am a very sociable person and I love my job. I have great affinity for my colleagues at the clinic.

At work, I am positive, smiling and hard working. I enjoy working in teams and have acquired various skills at the clinic. These include implants, x-rays and sterilization.

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Whether it’s a cosmetic, surgical, or orthodontic matter, our experts will help you choose the best treatment for you. 

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